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NPGO professional practice model and care delivery model

How our identity drives transformation of practice and care delivery

We view these models as being two sides of the same coin: how we practice as nurses and how we delivery care within the team.

Rush Oak Park Hospital professional practice model

The Professional Nursing Practice Model at Rush Oak Park Hospital is a picture of our practice identity. Relationships and Caring encircle and support all that we do as ROPH nurses.

Supported by and through this, technical expertise, evidence-based practice and critical thinking work in synergy to propel us as nurses towards leadership of the complex health care environment to meet the needs of our patients and the environment.

The Jean Watson Caring Care Delivery Model has been adopted at ROPH to assist our patients with gaining control, becoming more knowledgeable and thus promoting their health both within our walls and in their home.

It is the theoretical foundation for our care delivery system which identifies how work is organized within the nursing team, how nurses are deployed and what each team member's role is.

Supported by the constructs of the Jean Watson Care Delivery Model, nurses organize the activites of care around the needs and priorities of patients and their families.

Delivery of care and how it is organized may differ between care settings, however the components of carative factors, caring occasion, transpersonal caring relationship and patient- and family-centered care drive initiatives through the nursing and interprofessional teams. (Watson, 1979)

How our professional practice model syncs with other important structures: a crosswalk

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Nursing professional practice model evaluation cycle

Wherever there is a nurse, the five domains of the practice models are driving description of practice, evaluation of practice, recognition of practice as well as recruitment and retention of our practitioners.

All of these activities are done by and for nurses, with our discipline specific standards, scope and body of knowledge. (click below image to enlarge)

Resources for professional development and practice evaluation