Nursing Professional Governance Organization (NPGO)

How is NPGO organized?

"Autonomy has, as its basic components, personal accountability and shared power and influence. An autonomous nursing staff is feasible. It is professionally exciting. It cannot be done for nurses; it must be done by them."

(Christman, 1976)

The NPGO Standing Committees and NPGO Unit / Specialty Area Committees (UACs) are in communication and both report up to the NPGO Executive Committee and Nursing Administrative Committee respectively. These committees report up to the NPGO President and Chief Nursing Officer respectively. The NPGO President and Chief Nursing Officer report up to the Rush Oak Park Hospital Board of Directors and the ROPH CEO.

Every nursing practice area is represented

Executive Committee representatives

President, President Elect, 3Center, 6West, Ambulatory Clinics, APRNs, Cath Lab/IR, CNO, Employee Health, Endoscopy, ER, ICU, Nursing Education, Nursing Supervisors, OR, PACU, Quality, Rehab, Same Day Surgery, Skilled Care Unit, Telemetry and Wound Care Clinic

NSGO standing committees

Peer Review Council, Evidence-Based Practice, Research and Education, Clinical Standards of Practice and Care, Staffing Nurse Advisory Board, Magnet Stars, Awards and Recognition, APRN Practice Council

NSGO unit/specialty area committees

3Center, 6West, Ambulatory Clinics, Cath Lab/IR, Endoscopy, ER, ICU, OR, PACU, Rehab, Same-Day Surgery, Skilled Care Unit, Telemetry, Wound Care Clinic

"As leaders, nurses must act as full partners in redesign efforts, be accountable for their own contributions to delivering high-quality care, and work collaboratively with leaders from other health professions. Being a full partner involves taking responsibility for identifying problems and areas of system waste, devising and implementing improvement plans, tracking improvement over time, and making necessary adjustments to realize established goals. In the health policy arena, nurses should lead decision making and be engaged in health care reform-related implementation efforts. Nurses also should serve actively on advisory boards on which policy decisions are made to advance health systems and improve patient care."

Institute of Medicine, 2010

NPGO documents and resources


President: Colleen Chierici

Past President: Lauren Robertson

Treasurer: Beth Hale