Rush Oak Park Hospital Pharmacy

Filling prescriptions after you have an appointment, procedure or hospital stay in Oak Park is fast and easy at Rush’s full-service pharmacy, located on the first floor of the Rush Medical Office Building. Your Rush provider can send the prescription to the pharmacy electronically, so the pharmacist will have it when you arrive.

Our pharmacists are medication experts who provide the same personalized service as the rest of your Rush care team. They’re here to help you understand how to take and store your medications, make sure that your new prescription doesn’t interact with other medications you’re taking and inform you about potential side effects.

Using the same pharmacy for all your prescriptions ensures that your pharmacist has a complete record of your medications and can monitor potential drug interactions. It’s easy to consolidate all your prescriptions at the Rush Medical Office Building Pharmacy; our staff can contact your current pharmacy to make the transfers. Stop in or call for more information.

We accept most major pharmacy plans, including the following:

  • Commercial insurance
  • Medicare Part D
  • Illinois Medicaid plans

Products and services

  • Information and education about medications, including dosage and storage instructions, and monitoring of potential drug interactions
  • Compounding services that customize prescriptions to meet your unique needs (e.g., making a formulation that’s not available from a drug manufacturer)
  • Comprehensive inventory of prescription medications
  • Over-the-counter medications, health and beauty products
  • Drinks and snacks

Delivery options

  • Pick-up at the pharmacy counter during business hours.
  • Standard mail (minimal charge; valid credit card required). Allow five business days for delivery.
  • FedEx (at cost; valid credit card required), with refrigerated shipping available.