Rush Allergy and Immunology

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Expert allergy and immunology care, close to home

The team at University Consultants in Allergy and Immunology’s Oak Park office specializes in providing diagnosis and personalized care for adults with a wide range of allergies, respiratory conditions and autoimmune disorders.

Some of the most common conditions we treat include allergic rhinitis (hay fever), angioedema, asthma, atopic dermatitis (eczema), autoimmune disorders, bronchitis, celiac disease, chronic cough, contact dermatitis and food allergies.

Because these conditions can be complex and are often interrelated with other health issues, the allergy and immunology team often partners with other experts at Rush. This includes specialists from internal medicine; the Food Sensitivity Clinic; the Sinus Program; and the Voice, Airway and Swallowing Disorders Program. Even if you have tests or procedures at Rush University Medical Center, you can schedule follow-up appointments in Oak Park for your convenience.

Services We Provide
Oral food challenges (feeding tests) for food allergies
Patch testing for contact dermatitis allergens
Personal immunotherapy shots and vials for known allergies
Puncture or scratch testing for inhaled allergens
Testing for metal and medication allergies
Xolair shots for treating asthma
Why Choose Rush Oak Park Hospital
  • Expert care
  • The latest treatment techniques
  • Convenient location closer to home
  • Access to all the expertise and research at Rush University Medical Center
Partnering With Rush University Medical Center

The University Consultants in Allergy & Immunology team shares physicians, technologies and communications — even an electronic health record system — with Rush University Medical Center. This makes it seamless for you to get specialized services at Rush’s downtown campus if you need them, while carrying out your treatment plan close to home.