Why Choose Rush in Oak Park for Orthopedic Care

  • The convenience and personal touch of a community hospital are combined with the technology and expertise of a world-class teaching hospital.
  • Our physicians are not only experienced in the latest treatment techniques — including biologics and minimally invasive surgery — they actually developed many techniques that are now in use worldwide.
  • Rush University Medical Center features one of the world’s leading orthopedic translational research programs, with groundbreaking work on everything from designing better joint implants and developing patient-specific rods and cages for spinal reconstruction, to limiting narcotics use during spinal surgery and reducing postsurgical infection rates. Rush’s physician-scientists and basic scientists are widely published in prestigious journals and frequently win major awards for their research.
  • This leading-edge orthopedic research at Rush provides proof about which approaches are most effective, so our physicians can apply them to your treatment plan.