Geriatric Medicine

A doctor interacts with his patientOur bodies inevitably change as we age — and it helps to have a doctor you can trust to help you anticipate and navigate those changes. That’s where a geriatrician comes in. Geriatricians provide primary care exclusively for adults over the age of 65, a specialized focus that enables them to provide compassionate, expert care to help you stay as healthy and active as possible throughout your golden years.

Rush Oak Park Hospital’s geriatricians partner with you to diagnose and manage the complex and often interrelated health conditions that can come with aging. For example, your geriatrician may conduct a geriatric assessment, a thorough evaluation of your physical and mental health and abilities. This assessment includes evaluation of your nutrition, hearing and vision, as well as any issues with incontinence, balance or memory.

Our geriatricians also collaborate with other specialists from Rush University Medical Center as needed to treat conditions associated with aging — including dementia, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, stroke, heart disease and osteoarthritis — and with palliative care specialists, who offer an extra layer of support and focus on improving quality of life. Many of these specialists see patients at multiple locations, including the Rush Medical Office Building at Rush Oak Park Hospital, for your convenience.

To learn about geriatric medicine practices at Rush Oak Park Hospital, visit Locations and Contact Information.