Financial Assistance

Rush Oak Park Hospital is affiliated with the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters. We share their mission of mercy and compassion. The hospital will accept any patient for emergency services, regardless of their ability to pay for these services. Elective services are calculated to structure the uninsured patient's liability to equal and in some cases, exceed our contractual discounts.

In keeping with its mission, Rush Oak Park Hospital offers several financial assistance programs. To help patients decide which is the right program for them. Rush Oak Park Hospital offers the services of financials counselors and billing customer service representatives. These individuals will assist patients in completing financial application forms, obtaining an estimated cost of anticipated hospital services, and providing an explanation and copy of their hospital bill.

  • Financial Assistance (Charity Care)/Full Write-Off
  • After the financial counselor or customer service representative performs a financial assessment, the hospital bill can be discounted up to 100 percent if the patient's income is 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines (family size adjusted) or less.

  • Limited Income Program
  • After a financial assessment of the patient's income has been completed, the hospital will provide services at cost if the patient's income level meets the appropriate criteria. The Limited Income Discount criteria for family income is 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. The Limited Income Discount is 70 percent.

  • Self-Pay Discount
  • For Illinois residents, a 65 percent discount will automatically be given to all self-pay patients unless a Global Case Rate is applicable. Out-of-state residents automatically receive a 50 percent discount, which is equivalent to Rush's average managed care discount.

  • Payment Plan
  • Patient can arrange for time payments with a financial counselor or customer service representative. After a financial assessment, the appropriate monthly payment will be assigned within a prescribed time frame.

To be evaluated for financial assistance programs, dowload and complete the Financial Assistance Application. After filling out the form, please mail it to Customer Service at 1700 W. Van Buren St., Suite 161, Chicago, IL 60612.

If you have any questions regarding a discount or payment plan, or would like additional information, please download our Patient Billing booklet or call the financial counselor at (708) 660-5603 or the business office toll-free at (866) 761-7813. If you have already received services at Rush Oak Park Hospital, please call a customer service representative at (708) 660-5555 or toll-free at (866) 761-7813.